Ariul Fish LLC Launches Fish Product ‘Golden Tongue Sole’ Great for Health in Autumn

2019-11-18 11:08 출처: Ariul Fish LLC

GUNSAN--(뉴스와이어) 2019년 11월 18일 -- Ariul Fish LLC, a Korean company specialized in fish, has launched fish product ‘Golden Tongue Sole’ made from Tongue Soles caught in a clean area of Gunsan.

Ariul's carefully selected Korean tongue soles are semi-dried, rapidly cooled, and vacuum packed. Due to the recent air condition with heavy fine dust, the fishes are not dried with sea breeze but hygienic drying machines managed by the HACCP system. This drying method is specifically designed to preserve tongue soles’ freshness and flavor. The tongue sole is a perfect dish to regain the lost appetite caused by recent fine dust.

Tongue soles are sea fish that belongs to the family Cynoglossidae in order Pleuronectiformes. They inhabit mudflat and sand. The fishes are abundant in minerals and their flavor is soft and light without the fishy smell.

“People are suffering from the rise in prices, so we built various offers to lessen their burden,” Geum-ok Park, the president of Ariul Fish LLC said. “We hope the customers enjoy our fishes and be joyful.”

Ariul Fish‘s semi-dried tongue soles gain attention from people when they were introduced in a famous TV show, Soomi’s Side Dishes, in which Kim Soo-mi demonstrated a super simple pan-fried tongue sole by grilling the fish on the pan lightly oiled with olive oil.

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